Enhanced CPD

Are we moaning or worrying about Enhanced CPD? Sometimes I can’t tell. Yes, the GDC has caused some confusion,  some annoyance. And we now have even more paper work to complete.

But what exactly is enhanced CPD??? Does this mean we are doing more CPD?? Does it mean CPD is only relevant to our field of practice?

CPD is defined as ‘learning, training or other developmental activities undertaken by a dental professional.

I asked my dentist what he thought about enhanced CPD. He told me that after the next 5 years, he wants to achieve a specific goal and for him to do this, he needs to attend certain CPD topics which relate to this goal. This goal is to be involved in the Common Wealth Games 2024 and to look after athletes from grass roots to elite performance. Pretty impressive goal to achieve right? He went on to tell me that after completing 16 hours Enhanced CPD in Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sport, provided by England Rugby, that he will plan to enrol for an MSc in Sports Dentistry.

Well that sounds easy peasy! Except sport and games are not my thing.

5 Year Goal

So, what is my 5-year goal? Sure, I have my personal 5-year goal like all young women do.  But what is my work goal? What I am working so hard for? What are you guys working so hard for? Do you think about this when you book your CPD courses?

We’re still expected to do our core CPD and suggested CPD in Safeguarding, Cross Infection etc.  But what other CPD could we or I even possibly do?

Maybe I’m lucky. I did my PDP 18 months ago. My end goal was to be in a position where I could teach others.  To guide them to be even better than what they already were. I made a pretty big (even risky) decision to enrol on teaching and assessment courses. This was then followed by very persistent nagging towards a training provider.

My PDP is continuing. I am still thinking long term and I’m still looking out for courses relevant to dentistry and teaching. This CPD is relevant to my PDP. This is my Enhanced CPD.

Your PDP should be interesting and exciting, not boring. Something to motivate you. Maybe the GDC has actually done us a favour?

One thing is for sure, sport and games will not be included in my PDP!!


For advice on Enhanced CPD, please call 0118 9261533

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