Dental Exam Revision

Well its nearly time for the post graduate exams to take place, if your anything like me you hate doing dental exam revision but it is so important so that’s why I have put together this little blog of ideas and ways to help prepare for the big day.

The NEBDN have provided a reading list for your course.  Please ensure that you have read at least one of the recommended reading books.  Some  of the books you can download for free and some will be available on Amazon or other booksellers.  There may even be a copy already in your dental practice – have a good look and see what you can find.

Dental Training Ltd have worked hard during lock down to give all students an online revision platform.  This is free for all our students and costs just £30 for people studying with other course providers. It gives access to over 130 questions on each subject and the answers are emailed to you on completion! What a great way to revise!

Other things that can help with revision are

Flashcards – just get a pack of plain postcards and write a question on one side and the answer on the other. – Get your partner / friends involved and turn it into a fun evening (I’m not suggesting a drinking game that would be counterproductive!).

Note taking – go through all of the learning material you have and rewrite it in your own words – this makes it a lot easier to understand as sometimes when we write the lessons we know what we mean but its not obvious to anyone else.

Internet – especially useful for Radiography – sometimes words on paper just don’t make sense, but if you go onto YouTube there are some great videos which explain things in pictures and diagrams (please be careful what you search for!).

Ask your tutor for help – we might not know the answers to every question, but we can certainly find out; sometimes just a quick chat will put your mind at ease and stop you stressing.

Whichever way you choose to revise please make sure you start soon as the clock is ticking!

Take care x

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