Motherhood and Education

As a woman, I pride myself on multitasking. Juggling the nursey drop off, working part time and keeping my home clean with a stocked fridge. I didn’t think it possible to add any more to my busy weekly schedule. Until Covid-19 struck!

After the novelty of being permanently at home with my family during lockdown I began to miss my work. My surgery, my patients, my input and skills, I missed everything that was my normal. I started to revaluate my working life and how important my career had been to me.  And actually still is.

After returning to work in the summer, re-organising my working hours to allow for social distancing and getting on top of our emergencies, I felt my ‘normal’ had returned. I felt inspired and empowered. I remembered why I love my job. My job hadn’t changed much over the years, it was more my personal life just got more busy and I had to make room for that. It had never crossed my mind the small sacrifices I had made – until lockdown forced me to be without.

Typical working week

My typical working week still hasn’t returned to complete ‘normal’ but I am adjusting. I am moving forward adjusting to my new normal week and allowing for ‘me time’. This is the time that I have now set aside to ensure I can spend a few hours a week studying and learning a new skill for my career. My professional career, my personal development. Sometimes I may need to bribe my toddler with you-tube kids and snacks.  But I am doing what I need to do in order to juggle my education and my new normal.

Having had what you typically take for granted taken away from you, helps you to realise and appreciate the small things.  Dental nursing isn’t just a job. And CPD isn’t just a GDC requirement. Its all about helping others and yourself. As we continue to move forward with our new life, I am going to make sure that the love and commitment I have for nursing remains strong and in doing so further my career! Here’s to the next 11 months of commitment and studying in progressing my career further and with any luck qualifying in Radiography! One thing is for sure, you-tube kids will be on repeat.

Sarah Taylor

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