Brush your teeth to keep the dentist away

So once, twice, three times how many times should we brush our teeth a day? Well, how long is a bit of string? People have so many different factors to think of including patients who wear braces, patients with dentures and children who are just not going to co-operate as some people will be able to relate too, I’m sure!

First off, its your mouth and it’s the entry point to your whole entire digestive system and your overall health so why wouldn’t you want it to be clean and healthy. We all make time for hair, makeup and picking our clothes for the day, so why not make time for our teeth. All it takes in 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night and you’ll be on the way for all those healthy pearly whites.

I am someone who will notice if I’m talking to someone and there is a ‘bad breath’ smell and I find it quite off putting. Also, then there’s the overall image of the teeth. You can see when it’s been a while since a brush has passed over someone’s teeth and they must be able to feel the sticky uneven surface over the teeth if others can see it! That’s all bacteria ready for their dinner on your tooth enamel, so don’t give that Bad bacteria the chance.

Mouth Bling

So, let’s talk about extra bling for the mouth which I like to think of as braces. Of course, it’s going to make it slightly harder to clean around and in between but it’s still doable. Get that brush and that timer and rather than 2 minutes treat yourself and your teeth to an extra 2 minutes making a total of 4 minutes! Take it slow and soft, and you won’t be disappointed when it’s time for those braces to come off and your teeth are left stain free and clean.

Some people would think if you’ve got dentures that means you’re in the clear but hold on what about those gums that help to hold those dentures in place. They are just as important and need to be cleaned, so again get that soft toothbrush and clean over the gums with a little toothpaste and the denture with warm water and soap along with the denture to help get rid of any food debris.

So on to children and brushing! Well like anything it needs to be fun and interesting for them, so turn it into a game. Tell them you can guess what they ate for dinner by brushing their teeth. Tell them about the bad bugs but by brushing were changing them into good friendly bugs to help make their teeth big and strong. It might seem like a challenge that you’ll never accomplish but as hard as that seems. It’s better than having a child with a toothache, I’m sure we would all agree so keep going and keep it up.

A 2 minute Brush

A quick 2-minute brush would solve these issues and if we’ve got 2 minutes to scroll through Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok then surely 2 minutes for ourselves we can squeeze in.

So, grab yourselves, your friend, your children a 2-minute timer and brush with a pea sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride in and then spit out rather than rinsing to keep all that goodness in and then repeat every morning and night and even after lunch if you can and get that Hollywood smile and keep that dentist away for 6 months!

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