SAD- (Seasonal affective disorder)

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are falling from the trees. Its dark when we leave for work and dark when we finish work for the day. So why, I ask myself, am I feeling so down and glum this time of year?

We’ve had the fun of bonfire night with all the fireworks and now the craze is all about Christmas. I am excited, but I still find myself feeling so tired, sluggish, low on energy and feeling depressed most days, feeling as if I’m worthless and every day just feels like a struggle.

Well help is at hand and you’re not alone. There is a disorder known as SAD and this is a type of depression that is related to the changing seasons which mainly occurs from the autumn and throughout the winter months.

So, I need to stop rolling out of bed and into the office every day. I need to find what works for me from these simple steps. Get that spring back in my step and fight those wintery blues away until that spring/summer sunshine is back!

Simple Steps to Recovery

  • Light therapy– This is where you sit close to a special light box to expose you to bright light within the first hour or so of waking up each day. This treatment is something you can do at home. Purchase a light box yourself but do get the experts advice.
  • Psychotherapy– This is a talk therapy which helps you to deal with stress and how to manage your feelings and what thoughts may make you feel worse.
  • A trip to your professionals (doctors)– This is for the obvious reasons of being prescribed medication which can help someone, but they will most likely do a physical exam along with a psychotherapy evaluation.
  • Medication– Some people may benefit from medication if the symptoms are severe, and this may be something you do each year at a similar time.
  • Mind body connections- This can include meditation or a type of activity therapy like art or music.

For me I found that light therapy helped and over the years I have spent a small fortune on different light boxes, light clocks and any other quick amazon purchases that will be delivered the following day.

So either get talking to your doctor, friends or get on that amazon app. See what you can find to pick that frown up and turn it upside down. Or alternatively, cheer yourself up by taking a dental course 🙂

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