Dental Problems over Christmas

Where to begin. The food, the booze, the gifts or the bit of crackling that just broke your tooth in half!

Dental Problems over Christmas

We all worry about something over the Christmas period, from have we got enough food, or have we spent enough on the present for the distant relative that we see only at Christmas? But have you thought about what happens if you or a member of your family needs a health care provider over this season?

So, let’s put this into a hypothetical scenario. You’ve just sat down for your Christmas dinner, rather it be a traditional roast turkey or chicken, beef or pork. You’ve pulled the crackers, read the same old jokes as years before and everyone is happy around the table until someone bites down on overcooked stuffing or an extra crispy potato. The mood suddenly changes into panic of what do we do? Is it going to start hurting? Is the dentist closed? How much is this going to cost?

Don’t Panic

Well, stop and take a deep breath! From what I’ve experienced in the last 11 years of being a dental nurse we can fix almost anything and if we can’t we know who can! The main thing to remember is like any dental problems, you need to keep your hygiene super clean to prevent any decay or infections from starting.

We would recommend chewing on the opposite side to any breakages or problems to help with any pressure that could release pain or worsen the breakage.

Contact your regular Dentist and find out if they are open and get yourself booked in. If there not, don’t panic but call 111 instead and explain the problem.

You hear hellish stories about 111 and how it doesn’t work but from my personal experience they do everything they can to help and on the few occasions I have needed to use the service I cannot fault it!

After you’ve got your appointment whether it be at your local dentist of an out of hours dentist, you can sit back and relax because you’re in expert hands. All I would recommend is when your fixed up and back at home is go for a nice soft chocolate that would melt away rather than the sticky toffees.

Merry Christmas from the all team at Dental Training Ltd

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