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Dental Training Webinars

Dental Webinars

Dental Training Ltd have recently started conducting online webinars for dental nurses with Dr V Murugaraj.  Raj is a lecturer for Thames Valley Deanery and conducts minor oral surgery courses for dentists and dental nurses. The webinars are fully interactive with students invited to ask questions and join the discussions during the webinar.  We have found the webinars an excellent way for participants to gain and share knowledge on the topic. Dental Webinars We currently have the following webinars coming up: Nursing Skills for Surgical Dentistry on 2nd October 2021Suturing in Oral Surgery on 11th December 2021Oral Medicine for Dental Care Professionals on …

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A silver lining

A Silver Lining

Towards the end of 2020, we all had hope and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Approved vaccines, Christmas bubbles and the end of a devastatingly upsetting year. With the new strain, came the cancellation of Christmas bubbles, the start of a tiering system, and ultimately our third national lockdown. 10 months of lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, and grief, what is new about this new year? The struggle to keep positive, safe, and well during the previous months has at time been challenging.  But somehow, we got through. I have been fortunate that my family have …

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Difibrillator installed at DTS

Dental Training Ltd have installed an Automated External Defibrillator at our office in Pamber Heath, Hampshire for the local community. Although we hope it will never need to be used, having the assurance that if one is needed, it is available. We are planning on creating a course for defibrillator usage in the near future, so watch this space. For more information on the courses we do offer, please get in touch,

About Dental Training Ltd

About Dental Training Ltd

Hi I thought I would write a blog about us – Dental Training Ltd. Both Aimee and I are registered dental nurses.  So we know what its like to want to further your career but not be able to do so because of money!  That is why we like to offer interest free payment plans on all of our NEBDN post graduate courses!  You pay the deposit of £195.00.  The balance is paid monthly until just before your exams.  You can even chose a monthly amount and then work out when you can sit the exam depending on your finances. …

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Preparation for dental exams

Preparation for dental exams

We know how difficult it is to revise and the preparation for dental exams is vital.  This is made harder during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are so many distractions when forced to be housebound .  Even putting the washing on becomes an event! Practise exams are recognised as being an excellent method of revision.  It tests your knowledge on the subject without the stress of an exam environment. Dental exam revision To help people going though dental qualification, we have set up some test papers, which are as close to real exam questions as possible.  They are based on previous …

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Enhanced CPD

Enhanced CPD

Are we moaning or worrying about Enhanced CPD? Sometimes I can’t tell. Yes, the GDC has caused some confusion,  some annoyance. And we now have even more paper work to complete. But what exactly is enhanced CPD??? Does this mean we are doing more CPD?? Does it mean CPD is only relevant to our field of practice? CPD is defined as ‘learning, training or other developmental activities undertaken by a dental professional. I asked my dentist what he thought about enhanced CPD. He told me that after the next 5 years, he wants to achieve a specific goal and for …

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Has Enhanced CPD Benefited Dental Nurses?

Has Enhanced CPD Benefited Dental Nurses?

Last year, the GDC introduced enhanced CPD so that we can get the maximum benefit from our training and CPD activities.  We had our core topics which we needed to complete. These kept us up to date with Safeguarding, Medical Emergencies and Cross Infection just to name a few, and these did benefit us and our patients. But there has been a change… The GDC have now stated that they want our CPD to be meaningful to our individual role as a Dental Care Professional. In order to do this well, we should have a Personal Development Plan (PDP). OK, this seems …

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