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NEBDN Topical Fluoride Course – A student perspective

2nd November 2020 | Student Blogs

I have recently completed and submitted my Record of Competence (ROC) for the Topical Fluoride Course.  The main reason that I opted to study towards this course and not the online certificate in fluoride application is because it is accredited by the NEBDN. Working and studying during a pandemic has been challenging in all aspects.  The reduction of routine care really took an impact on the amount of opportunities there were for me to apply fluoride and also to be able to treat a wide...

Motherhood and Education

26th October 2020 | Student Blogs

As a woman, I pride myself on multitasking. Juggling the nursey drop off, working part time and keeping my home clean with a stocked fridge. I didn’t think it possible to add any more to my busy weekly schedule. Until Covid-19 struck! After the novelty of being permanently at home with my family during lockdown I began to miss my work. My surgery, my patients, my input and skills, I missed everything that was my normal. I started to revaluate my working life and how important my career...

The Gift of the Gab

26th May 2020 | Student Blogs

SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR DENTAL NURSES: A SERIES By Rosie Connell LESSON 2: ‘THE GIFT OF THE GAB’   The worst feedback I ever got from a dentist in my first year, was ‘Rosie, you don’t talk enough’ The best feedback I ever received from a dentist, was 3 years later; ‘Rosie, you have the best patient communication skills I’ve come across, you can really talk about anything!’ This example is a testament to self reflection, continuing professional development and...


20th May 2020 | Student Blogs

SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR DENTAL NURSES: A SERIES By Rosie Connell LESSON 1 SOFTLY, SOFTLY…Oral Health ADVICE   If you’ve ever given one of your dentists’ patients oral health advice, congrats, you know now how a stand up comedian feels. You’re whipping out your best material, ripe with accurate information (whilst working within your professional boundaries). But sometimes, what you are telling the patient can easily end up being a bit of a flop. They bought the ticket, but...

Do one thing everyday & do it well!

21st April 2020 | Student Blogs

Do one thing everyday & do it well! Great advice came from a caring friend last year, at a time I was snowed under with work issues, children problems & family illness - I couldn’t cope! I didn’t listen, I want to get an endless list of jobs ticked off, causing self-induced pressure to mount. In the end, I did nothing thoroughly!  I just wanted to get off the "single mum treadmill" for a little time for me. I am currently furloughed, and so now finally working through that...

Apprentice to Head Dental Nurse – My Journey

24th March 2020 | Student Blogs

Apprentice to Head Dental Nurse? Yes it sounds so surreal to me too!  Here is my story by Emily Grace Birkin.    How it started? I started off as a young 18 year old apprentice not knowing what career path to take after my A-Levels. I remember browsing the internet looking for careers, and what path to take as I approached the end of my final year of A-levels.  When I applied for a social work course at university,  my application was unfortunately declined.  I was left...

Supplementary Outcome – Reflective Practice

17th October 2019 | Student Blogs

Newbie alert! I started the NEBDN Implant Nursing Course just over a month ago and boy I was so eager to get my teeth stuck right in (deliberate cheesy pun intended). However, I quickly became daunted when the ROC landed in my inbox. I literally lost count with how many times I have flicked through it. I feel sorry for how many questions I had sent my tutor in the first 24 hours too - thank goodness she was patient.   Let’s talk the SO2 reflective practice First, I was shocked...