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Dental CPD – Continuing Professional Development

8th September 2020 | Training

The General Dental Council require members to maintain a level of professionalism by completing "Continuing Professional Development (CPD)" annually.  CPD is mandatory for all dental professionals in the UK. It requires dental staff to lock in hours of verifiable CPD training. CPD is about keeping your knowledge and skills as a dental professional up to date ensuring a professional service is given to all dental patients.  CPD for dental professionals is defined as lectures, seminars,...

Dental Implant Courses for Nurses

25th August 2020 | Training

Implant dentistry is a highly specialised dental skill that combines surgical skills with restorative expertise.  A dental implant is the surgical component that allows the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor.  Cases require meticulous planning and exacting standards to ensure an optimum result for each patient. Therefore, high quality training is essential for a nurse to assist the dentist in a professional manner.  A dental...

Dental Exam Revision

11th August 2020 | Training

Well its nearly time for the post graduate exams to take place, if your anything like me you hate doing revision but it is so important so that’s why I have put together this little blog of ideas and ways to help prepare for the big day The NEBDN have provided a reading list for your course.  Please ensure that you have read at least one of the recommended reading books.  Some  of the books you can download for free and some will be available on Amazon or other booksellers.  There...

Preparation for dental exams

16th July 2020 | Dental News, Training

We know how difficult it is to revise and the preparation for dental exams is vital.  This is made harder during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are so many distractions when forced to be housebound .  Even putting the washing on becomes an event! Practise exams are recognised as being an excellent method of revision.  It tests your knowledge on the subject without the stress of an exam environment. Dental exam revision To help people going though dental qualification, we have set up...

Enhanced CPD

30th March 2020 | Dental News, Training

Are we moaning or worrying about Enhanced CPD? Sometimes I can’t tell. Yes, the GDC has caused some confusion,  some annoyance. And we now have even more paper work to complete. But what exactly is enhanced CPD??? Does this mean we are doing more CPD?? Does it mean CPD is only relevant to our field of practice? CPD is defined as ‘learning, training or other developmental activities undertaken by a dental professional. I asked my dentist what he thought about enhanced CPD. He told me...

A walk to remember #Memorywalk

16th March 2020 | Training

A few weeks ago, I found myself signing up to the #Memorywalk for Alzheimer’s Society. A marathon walk in London, in the middle of October, likely to be wet and cold. At the time I didn’t think too much about the challenge of walking such a distance. I keep myself fairly fit, attend gym classes most days, as well as walking Percy twice a day. The weather however, did concern me! During one of my gym classes I was sharing my sponsorship details to fellow gym goers. A lady, who was...

Starting your morning the right way

9th March 2020 | Training

Alarm goes off at 06:25am. Each weekday morning, I somehow drag myself out of bed and dress for gym. I think the average person most likely wakes around this time to prepare for work. I’m not sure why I have difficulties in waking at this unsightly time. It must be the thought of the instructor causing my body pain. But I’m up and my day has begun. HIIT class 06:45am. From this point onward, my day gets easier! I have ‘rolled’ to the gym (luckily for me it is less than a...

Dental Nurse Specialist Courses

20th January 2020 | Training

Helping dental nurses find the right dental nurse specialist courses for their training! To become a dental professional requires years of dedication and learning. Through our range of dental nurse specialist courses, you can increase your skill and knowledge as a qualified dental nurse. Specialist dental nurses can take on additional responsibilities within dental practices and offer increaser support to dentists and patients. What is specialist dental nurse training? Specialist...

How to Become a Dental Nurse

20th January 2020 | Training

If you’re considering the career move of becoming a Dental Nurse, then there are a few skills and qualifications you must acquire along the way. Qualifications to be a Dental Nurse To become a qualified dental nurse, applicants are required to complete a dental nursing course, approved by the General Dental Council (GDC). This can be full time or part-time. However, if you’re wanting to learn on the job, dental practices may also seek trainee dental nurses or assistants. To...