Online CBCT Training Level 1 (core)

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This online course provides the training required for dentists, hygienists, therapists and dental nurses with the Dental Radiography Certificate.

The course follows the PHE/FGDP 2020 guidelines and covers the following subjects:

Understand the basic principles of CBCT imagining
Explain how CBCT images are produced and understand their benefit in diagnosis and treatment
Know the limitation of dental CBCT
Be able to recognise CBCT artefacts
Know the comparative doses involved
Understand and minimise risks to patients and staff
Know the clinical justification required by the CBCT referrer for the justification of an image
Understand the selection criteria

This course is limited to the CBCT imaging of the dento-alveolar region and should be used alongside the recommended 5 hours of IRMER eCPD.

The course gives 7 hours of eCPD

Online CBCT Training Level 1

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