Dental CPD – Continuing Professional Development

8th September 2020 | Training

The General Dental Council require members to maintain a level of professionalism by completing “Continuing Professional Development (CPD)” annually.  CPD is mandatory for all dental professionals in the UK. It requires dental staff to lock in hours of verifiable CPD training.

CPD is about keeping your knowledge and skills as a dental professional up to date ensuring a professional service is given to all dental patients.  CPD for dental professionals is defined as lectures, seminars, courses, individual study and other activities.  You must gain a certificate with your name, GDC number and the GDC Outcome on each certificate for it to be counted.  There is no longer any requirement for non verifiable CPD.  Each CPD activity is recorded and goes towards the annual requirement.

The CPD was updated in May 2018, to become the Enhanced Continuing Professional Development, eCPD scheme. The main difference was the need to have a personal development plan (PDP), as well as changes to the number of training hours required.

Enhanced CPD

Under the Enhanced CPD Scheme 2018:

  • Dentists need to complete a minimum of 100 hours of  eCPD every five years, with at least 10 hours of verifiable CPD completed during any two-year period.
  • Dental nurses and dental technicians need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of eCPD every five years.
  • Dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians need to complete a minimum of 75 hours of eCPD, with at least 10 hours of verifiable CPD completed during any two-year period.

Dental professionals are required to submit a compliant eCPD log annually with a Personal Development Plan. This needs to occur even if not all education has been completed.

The eCPD online subscription offered by Dental Training Ltd includes:

Dental Training Ltd provide a subscription service that provides all the required training online.  This allows you to continue your educational development in your own time.

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