Do one thing everyday & do it well!

21st April 2020 | Student Blogs

Do one thing everyday & do it well!

Great advice came from a caring friend last year, at a time I was snowed under with work issues, children problems & family illness – I couldn’t cope!

I didn’t listen, I want to get an endless list of jobs ticked off, causing self-induced pressure to mount. In the end, I did nothing thoroughly!  I just wanted to get off the “single mum treadmill” for a little time for me.

I am currently furloughed, and so now finally working through that endless treadmill of the job list. Slowly, I am ticking off the jobs – doing one job a day done well!  I now also have a little me time! I’m going to learn something new.  My friend is inspiring me.  She has taken on guitar lessons, doing just 30 minutes every day.  I thought her ‘guess the song’ she had been learning was by Nirvana, only to be told it was Bowie.  She continues to practice, to adapt,  to improve and most importantly, to entertain me!  Damn good thing, our strongest sense of memory is through our sense of smell, and not our hearing!

Do one thing everyday

Take the Leap

Learning is a really amazing way of creating a network of like-minded people.  Opening up conversations can induce a sense of escapism with purpose but it is a scary step!

So I take the advice “Do one thing everyday” by making the the leap into Yoga.  There are lots of guides on the internet and instructional YouTube videos.  I know there will be tears, laughter, wobbling & aches.  All of which will be a shield, as I battle to learn something alien.  Hopefully, by sticking to learning a little more each day, I shall understand the benefits of this popular internationally recommended healthy past time by mid summers night.  Its safe to say I’m going places, hopefully not in to hospital!

Challenge accepted!

Joanna Faithfull

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