Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dental Training Ltd?

Our teaching staff are registered dental nurses so we know what its like to juggle a million things at once, however, we are lucky to be working full time for DTL and are easily contactable.

We keep our costs as low as possible so that learning is available to everyone, we even offer interest free payment plans!

We care about our students and will do our best to ensure that you pass your examination first time.

When you register with us you will be assigned a tutor to help you every step of the way and we encourage you to contact us with any difficulties or just for a chat.

We are the largest course provider of NEBDN post graduate courses in the U.K.

We have been around a long time! – In 2011 our first course was fully accredited by the NEBDN  as a classroom course.  In 2017 we moved all our courses online.  In 2019 Tracy bought the company and changed the name from Cavity Dental Training Ltd to Dental Training Ltd.


When do your NEBDN qualification course’s start ?

Our courses are all online giving you the flexibility of starting at a time convenient to you. Although our courses can be started at any time, we must follow the NEBDN examination timeframe, and you therefore must start your course at least 7 months before your target examination date.


Do I need to attend any classroom lessons for my NEBDN course ?

All theoretical work is presented to you online. During your home study, you will log in and work your through each module. To progress to the next module, you will need to achieve 100% on the short assessments. It is advised that you spend 3/4 hours a week completing both theoretical modules and the Record of Competence/Record of Experience (RoC/RoE).

You should also be reading the recommended reading material alongside each module.


Is the NEBDN exam written or online ?

All NEBDN exams are now carried out online, following a successful pilot in 2020. The examination format for all post graduate qualifications is a mixture of MCQ & EMC.

The examination format for the national diploma is a mixture of MCQ, EMC and OSCE’s. This examination is divided into two parts. The first part is the MCQ & EMC, you must pass this to be entered into the second part, the OSCE’s 6 weeks later.


What is the expected NEBDN course duration ?

This is dependent on when you wish to sit the examination.

The shortest duration is 7 months leading up to a scheduled examination date. Your RoC/RoE must be completed over a minimum of 3 months and this must be completed 3.5 months before the examinations. The NEBDN can take up to 28 days to issue the RoC/RoE, so please ensure your time frame is achievable when you select your examination date to avoid additional incurred costs.


What NEBDN target examination date do you suggest ?

Everyone will have different working circumstances which will affect the completion of the RoC/RoE. We advise you take your working circumstances and your personal circumstances into consideration when choosing your examination date. We recommend you give yourself enough time to complete both theoretical work and your RoC/RoE. Working under time pressure is not good for anyone. The post graduate examinations take place every March and September on the second Friday.  The first part of the national diploma examination takes place every April and November on the second Friday. The second part takes place 6 weeks later.
Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to advise you further.


What are the NEBDN RoC/RoE submission dates ?

RoC submission dates –  If you would like to sit the examination in March, your RoC must be started no later than the 30th of August and completed by the 30th of November the previous year. If you would like to sit the examination in September, your RoC must be started no later than the 28th of February and completed by the 30th of May that same year.  RoE submission dates – If you would like to sit the examination in April, your RoE must be started no later than the 30th of September and completed by the 30th of December the previous year. If you would like to sit the examination in November, your RoE must be started no later than the 30th of April and completed by the 30th of July that same year.


How long will it take to get started on my NEBDN course ?

Our registration process can be fairly quick. Following course purchase we will send you all the necessary registration forms within 12 hours. Weekend hours may vary. Once you have completed and returned the registration forms, we can then register you with the NEBDN and activate your theoretical modules. This typically takes 1-2 hours. Weekend hours may vary.
The NEBDN will issue your RoC/RoE login details within 28 days.


Is my RoC/RoE completed online or is it paperbased ?

The RoC/RoE are now fully completed online on the PebblePad platform. You will receive login details directly from the NEBDN/PebblePad within 28 days following course enrolment. You will be responsible for logging in and completing your RoC/RoE by the submission date. Your witness will also need to complete the witness assessment sheet online.


Do I have a tutor and how much contact will I have when enrolled on the NEBDN course ?

On enrolment you will be assigned a full-time tutor.  Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday but often our tutors will respond to urgent queries outside these hours.  On a monthly basis, we aim to have monthly progress communications with you. This is to check on your RoC/RoE progress, your theoretical modules, and your practice support.  Following completion of any marked work your tutor will be in contact with you. Other than our company secretary and our IT department we are all dentally qualified and GDC registered and are all available to help you. This is an online course and we do expect you to communicate to us any issues or queries you may have.


I am looking at enrolling on the NEBDN post graduate course. What does the £795.00 fee cover ?

This fee covers your online theoretical work, your full-time tutor, your RoC purchase and the examination fee.


I am looking at enrolling on the NEBDN national diploma course. What does the £2,010.00 fee cover ?

This fee covers your online theoretical work, your full-time tutor, your RoE purchase and both the examination fees.


Are there any additional costs to your NEBDN courses ?

We highly advise you purchase a book from the NEBDN recommended reading list, which will be sent to you on enrolment.

If you need to defer your examination due to personal reasons or for failing to complete the RoC/RoE, you will be charged an £80.00 deferral fee.

If you need to resit your examination, you will be charged a resit fee of £225.00.


How do I pay for my NEBDN course ?

For self-funding nurses you can either pay in full via our website purchase option or you can take advantage of our 0% interest free payment plan. For the latter, please contact us on to request a payment plan agreement.


My work is funding my NEBDN course, how do I enrol ?

Your employer can either purchase the course via our website purchase option on your behalf or alternatively we can raise an invoice. Once payment has been received, we will liaise with you direct with all necessary registration forms.