Immediate Life Support Course

If you’re looking to train your dental teams in Immediate Life Support (ILS) skills, we can bring the ILS course to you.

We understand that it’s important to deliver regular CPD to dental staff, so our in-house training courses are designed to up-skill employees should an emergency take place in the practice.

What our ILS training course offers

The Immediate Life Support course involves CPR Training for dental practices, in addition to the following skills:

  • The ability to identify key life support signs.
  • Gaining an understanding and recognise the signs of anaphylaxis, angina, heart attack, sepsis and other critical illnesses.
  • Demonstrating basic life support techniques.
  • Learning how to currently administer oxygen to a patient.
  • Understand the chain of survival.

Our life support course is designed to meet UK Resus Council guidelines and is also certified by ProTrainings.

To find out more about our immediate life support course for dental practices, get in touch.

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