Starting your morning the right way

9th March 2020 | Training

Alarm goes off at 06:25am. Each weekday morning, I somehow drag myself out of bed and dress for gym.

I think the average person most likely wakes around this time to prepare for work. I’m not sure why I have difficulties in waking at this unsightly time. It must be the thought of the instructor causing my body pain.

But I’m up and my day has begun.

HIIT class 06:45am.

From this point onward, my day gets easier! I have ‘rolled’ to the gym (luckily for me it is less than a mile from my house). I’m met with other tired eyes and together we begin our warm up. Motivating and encouraging each other through the strength and core work outs we make it through to 7.30am. Exercise is done. I’m ready for the day. I’m ready for work.


Benefits of early morning gym sessions, BEFORE work …

  • I’m awake! I have kick-started the day positively.
  • Feel good factor. I’ve already done my 30 minute – 40 minute recommended daily exercise.
  • High intensity workouts in short sessions increases my endorphins in a convenient timely manner.
  • Improved metabolism rate for the day, thus more calories burned when sedentary at work.
  • Social aspect of regular attendance to a group HIIT class helps mental health and well-being.
  • Morning work outs gives me social time each evening.

Leaving the pooch snoring in his bed whilst I go out in the dark rainy mornings to get to the gym, is another mind over matter issue. It would be far to easy for me to roll out of bed straight to the coffee machine and switch on the laptop a few hours after 06:25am. Having experienced both options of waking, the former is by far the best way for my mind and body to start the day.

When you know it’s good and working for you … setting that alarm at 06:25am is easy.

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