Sunshine in a Bowl

12th January 2021 | Dental News

Its no secret that summer makes everyone smile!

Who doesn’t love the summer? The warmth, the sunshine, the longer days. But why does the summer make us happy?

Other than the escape from cold, wet and miserable months, we get Vitamin D!

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels can keep you feeling happy and productive. But more importantly it plays a key role in our immune health and this is especially important in these winter months and during this pandemic.

It can prove difficult to get enough vitamin D from our diet but especially from the sun during these winter months. With the colder months comes an increase in the circulation of bugs and with lower intake of vitamin D, our immune system may not function properly. Vitamin D also enables our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorous from the foods we eat. Minerals which are important for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

In fact, the government believes Vitamin D is so important that those most at risk of coronavirus will be provided with free vitamin D supplements from January 2021.

The government and WHO advise that 5-15 minutes in the sun before 11am or after 3pm with forearms and lower legs uncovered and without sunscreen, is sufficient for most people to make enough vitamin D. But this is only during the months of April to September, as this is when the sunlight in the UK provides enough UV radiation.

We may not have a bowl of sunshine to carry around, but we can always carry around a bowl of something, which keeps us happy.

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