Supplementary Outcome – Reflective Practice

17th October 2019 | Student Blogs

Newbie alert!

I started the NEBDN Implant Nursing Course just over a month ago and boy I was so eager to get my teeth stuck right in (deliberate cheesy pun intended).

However, I quickly became daunted when the ROC landed in my inbox. I literally lost count with how many times I have flicked through it. I feel sorry for how many questions I had sent my tutor in the first 24 hours too – thank goodness she was patient.


Let’s talk the SO2 reflective practice

First, I was shocked when I got good feedback from my tutor. I squealed with disbelief.

I am not normally the type of person who likes to talk about myself, let alone admit when I find things challenging. So when I saw the SO2, I could feel butterflies in the stomach because I knew this was going to be a challenge.


“So how did I tackle this?” I hear you ask?

The answer is surprisingly simple. First, I gave a brief history of my nursing experience, then I just answered the questions in the order they appeared. I was completely honest too.

So here goes…..


What was I looking forward to?

Gaining more knowledge about the history of implants and gaining confidence in my ability. Then I mentioned a few specific areas I could grow in confidence.


What was I expecting to find challenging?

Everything, but mainly developing the ability to provide more efficient pre/post-operative instructions. I also wanted to gain the confidence to deliver them to patients.

Am I the only one who gets on edge when the dentist is stood directly behind you listening to every syllable you say?


What was I worried about?

Where do I begin.

Number 1: I was worried about completing the whole ROC.

Number 2: I was worried about completing the entire course.

Number 3: Don’t even get me started on the case studies. Breathe… One step at a time.


But this was the MOST important thing. If you take anything from this – please let it be this.

It’s okay to admit what your worries are. It’s ok if you struggle here or there. We are human and it’s ok to ask for help.

Don’t feel as if you’re alone in this. Our tutors are fantastic, and they’re there for us. I don’t know where I would be without the support.


Together we can nail this.



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